To provide a quality basketball experience for the players; one that stresses mechanics, good sportsmanship and love of the game.

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RBA House Program - Boys & Girls Grade 3-8

The Boys' House and Girls' House Leagues are each divided into multiple divisions, by school grades. There is a 3rd Grade and 4th/5th Grade division in each league. The boys division has a 6th/7th Grade and a 8th Grade group; the girls have a 6th/7th/8th Grade division.

Both 3rd Grade groups play on 9 foot baskets in a 4 on 4 format. Girls 4/5 play on 9.5 foot hoops (where possible), 5 on 5. All other groups play on the traditional 10 foot baskets, 5 on 5.


HOUSE DIRECTORS: The House program is led by our two league directors:

                         Girls                                                Boys
                   Megan Livolsi                                   Paul Weiskopf
                   203-449-7955                                 914-474-4773

DIVISION DIRECTORS:  The division directors are listed below. They are your contacts for the respective divisions, and can help with any questions or issues.








3rd Grade

 Brad Sanderson



3rd Grade

 Greg Colman             


  4th/5th Grade

 Megan Livolsi



 4th/5th Grade



6th/7th/8th Grade

 Robert Flegel



6th/7th Grade

 Geoff Greene          






8th Grade

 Sal Iovino




TRYOUTS/EVALUATIONS: Prior to the start of the season, each division holds a “tryout/evaluation". (Nobody gets cut from the house program.) The purpose of this session is to (in a very general way) assess the skill level of each player so that there can be reasonable parity among the teams. The volunteer coaches are invited to attend the tryout in order to make their own assessments, but the players are actually given a “ranking" by a panel of RBA volunteers. We attempt to populate this panel with volunteers who have some basketball knowledge and who do not have a child in the particular division. Those volunteers will grade the players in several categories. The grades are then compiled, and the players are ranked.  NOTE: The grading results are not disclosed, other than to the coaches on draft night. It is RBA policy that the grading results never be disclosed to the players. It also needs to be understood that the tryout is a very inexact science. Its main goal is to spread out the highly skilled players, as well as those who are in the early stages of development. 

DRAFT: Shortly after the tryout, a draft is held by division. The purpose of the draft is to attempt to achieve parity among the teams. At the draft, the coaches' sons/daughters are slotted into the draft based upon their ranking. On draft night, each coach takes home his/her roster and contacts the team members. We generally try to discourage the pairing of a coach and an assistant prior to the draft. We would prefer to have a single coach select his team, and then select an assistant from the drafted roster. We thereby try to avoid the pairing of two highly skilled players via coaching pairings wherever possible. However, it must be noted that coaching an RBA team is a significant commitment, and there is often a shortage of coaches. Therefore, the first priority is recruiting a full complement of coaches.

TEAM SIZE: We strive to organize teams of no more than 8 players. The exact number on each team however, is determined by the exact number of players in each division, the number of coaching volunteers, and the availability of gym space.

SEASON SCHEDULE: Generally, each RBA division schedules 12-14 regular season games. Usually, games are played on weekends although there may be some Friday night games, primarily at the higher grade levels. Some weekends will have two games, and others will have one game. We do not play during school vacations, but we do have games on holiday weekends. Practices start in November, scrimmages in December and games starting in January. The regular season usually concludes by the end of February.  

PRACTICES: In addition to the game schedule, each team will have a practice schedule that provides for one or two practices per week. The times and locations of the practices vary, and are dependent upon gym availability. This means you may have practices at gyms that are more distant from your home than your assigned elementary or middle school. Practice times may be as early as 5:30pm start time or as late as 8:15pm start time (in older divisions).

PLAYOFFS: Every RBA House team makes the playoffs. The regular season record determines the seeding, and the playoffs start immediately after the season. The House season culminates on Super Sunday, where after about a week of single elimination playoff games, the best two teams from each division face off. The playoffs generally end by early March. The 3rd Grade division is an exception: Each 3rd Grade team will play in a two-game post season in a “jamboree”-type format.

BALL SIZES: 3rd Grade Boys and Girls and 4th/5th Grade Girls – 27.5" ball; 4th-7th Grade Boys and 6th/7th/8th Grade Girls – 28.5" ball; Boys 8th Grade – regulation men’s ball.  NOTE: It is not necessary to buy the correct size ball. RBA provides game balls, and it's ok to come to practice with a different size. This info is just for your reference if you are purchasing a ball.


Please be advised that players involved in any travel program are not eligible to play in the RBA House program. All 4th Grade players enrolled in the RBA Development program must also play House basketball.