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RBA Technical Foul Policy
rev. April 24, 2017

    In basketball, fouls and violations are part of the game.  It is expected that players will violate the rules.  They and their teams suffer consequences for breaking rules.  The ball may be awarded to the other team, free throws may be awarded, or a player may be disqualified by “fouling out.”

    A separate set of foul, technical fouls are assessed for conduct that goes beyond the missteps that are normal, expected parts of the game.  When technical fouls occur, the penalties are more severe and the consequences for both player and team are greater.

    In youth sports, there is a high tolerance for the normal, expected violations of rules because players are learning the game.  But there is and should be far less tolerance for conduct that detracts from the positive, nurturing, and instructive environment to which the RBA aspires.  With all of this in mind, the RBA sets forth below, our policy on technical fouls.

REPORTING REQUIREMENT: All technical fouls involving player or coach conduct are to be reported within 12 hours of being received.  In other words, technical fouls are to be reported the same day they are assessed, not the next morning.

DUTY TO REPORT: The duty to report is on the head coach or, in a high school league game, the team captain.  This duty remains on the head coach or captain even if not present at the game.

REPORT MADE TO DIRECTOR: The report must be made to the house director (for all house league teams), the travel director (for all travel teams), or the high school league director (high school league teams).  The report must contain the name of the individuals involved and a description of the conduct.  The report must be in writing, sent by electronic mail, and the sender will preserve a copy of the email.  If the coach involved is also the director to whom report must be made, the coach shall report the technical foul to the Player Advocate.

REPORTING TO RBA BOARD: Directors will send all reports to an RBA board member designate duly appointed by the president.  The designated board member must not be an active coach in the coach’s or player’s division.

AUTOMATIC SUSPENSION: Any player or coach who receives two technical fouls in a game is automatically suspended for the next two contests.  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Even if the suspension would cause a player to miss his/her last RBA house, travel, high school game, or a tournament final, the suspension will stand.

    A second automatic suspension will also be for two games.  A third automatic suspension will be for more than two games and may extend into ensuing seasons.  The length of the suspension is in the discretion of the RBA, may extend beyond the season, into off-season programs, and may be indefinite.

FAILURE TO REPORT: A coach or captain who fails to report a technical foul within the required time period will be suspended for a minimum of one game.  The RBA will consider extending that suspension after a review of the failure to report.  If it is concluded that the failure to report was knowing and intentional, additional sanctions will be imposed.

CUMULATIVE RECORDS TO BE MAINTAINED: The RBA board member designate will maintain a record of technical fouls for all active players and coaches.  Records may be kept and consulted for future seasons and discipline in the future.

CUMULATIVE TECHNICAL FOULS/SUSPENSION: Players or coaches who receive multiple technical fouls, but not in the same game (no automatic suspension) will be reviewed by the RBA designate and the division director (or Player Advocate if the coach involved is a director).  The RBA may impose any sanction upon a coach or a player who receives multiple technical fouls.  Sanctions include, but are not limited to suspension for one or more games, or removal from the team or organization.

    In determining whether a sanction is warranted, the RBA designate and division director (or Player Advocate) shall weigh the conduct involved, the coach’s or player’s prior disciplinary involvement, the coach’s or player’s contrition or lack thereof, and the necessity for a sanction.  It is expected that coaches will uphold and demonstrate the highest ideals of sportsmanship.  Therefore, absent compelling circumstances that shall include a plan of action of the coach to conform to expectations, a coach’s second technical foul in the same season will presumptively indicate at least a one game suspension.

    Any player or coach who after receiving two technical fouls in a season on two separate occasions, i.e. not in the same game, is assessed an additional technical foul will be suspended for a minimum of one game and may be suspended for any additional period deemed appropriate by the RBA designate and director.

RESCINDING TECHNICAL FOULS: Under no circumstances will the RBA rescind a technical foul.  It is beyond the capacity of the organization to recreate game situations and evaluate the facts and circumstances that may lead to a technical foul.  Therefore, the referee’s decision on the matter is final and not subject to review.

INTENT/WARNINGS: The intent of the coach or player is irrelevant to automatic suspensions.  The RBA may review intent when assessing additional or discretionary punishment.  It is of no moment that a referee did not warn a player or coach prior to issuing a technical foul as there is no such requirement in the rules.