To provide a quality basketball experience for the players; one that stresses mechanics, good sportsmanship and love of the game.

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There are many areas in which RBA relies upon community volunteers in order to run its programs.  Unlike many other sports programs, RBA does not have paid administrative staff handling such areas as registration, scheduling, travel coaching, etc.  We work with committed volunteers so that we can make the RBA experience one that all members of the community can afford.  The cost of participating in our programs is primarily spent on gym rentals, referees, and equipment.  The cost of running a basketball league is more costly on a per-player basis than many other sports because of the cost of renting indoor facilities, and the number of referees needed per player participating.  And yet, we are trying to keep our membership fees in-line with other sports programs.  Moreover, to the extent that we pay the school system and Parks & Rec for gyms rentals, many of your RBA dollars are recycled back to the community, and most of our referees are teenagers in the community.  So, we take pride in not only keeping a sharp eye on cost, but keeping the money you spend in the community to the extent possible.  When we do have a surplus, we keep a reasonable reserve and then find ways to return your dollars to the community.  The RBA renovation of the Parks & Rec basketball facility, behind Yanity, and the Tylers Court & Park facility at RHS, are examples of this.

Now you know why we need volunteers.  The following are areas where volunteer assistance is always needed and appreciated:

Coaching House:  Since our house programs generally have 8 players per team, and need a coach and an assistant on each team, the simple math is that 25% of our players need to have a parent step forward and coach.  We recognize how high a number that is, and are constantly amazed and grateful at how many moms and dads do come out and help on the sidelines.  While the time commitment is not insignificant, many of our coached find basketball to be a rewarding sport to coach because of the relatively small team size, and ability to “connect" with the kids on an individual level.  We initiated a coaching clinic last year to give the coaches some guidance, but generally, you do not need to be a “basketball expert" in order to coach house. 

Coaching Travel:  There is no hiding the fact that this is a big commitment.  Travel coaches need to have prior coaching experience, and will be in a competitive environment facing opponents who in some cases pay professionals to coach.  That being said, travel coaches are also working with the top talent at each grade level, and can really have a rewarding coaching experience working with motivated players, many of whom will go on to play on the high school team.

Division Directors:  Each house division, 3/4 boys, 3/4 girls, 5/6 boys, 5/6 girls, 7/8 boys, 7/8 girls has a division director who “runs" the division.  He/she coordinates the draft, recruits and assigns coaches (most of whom sign up at registration), tackles issues that arise during the season, and handles certain administrative functions such as distributing schedules and equipment.  Many times, a parent coach has been generous enough to step forward and take on the directorship.

Biddy Ball Volunteers:  At Biddy Ball, there is no “drop off" of children at the gym.  A parent is required to stay while the child plays.  It is from that captive audience that we have generally recruited our many helpful volunteers on Saturday mornings.  These parents usually man “stations" where the kids learn various skills.  In addition to the “ad-hoc" volunteers, we do need “registered" volunteers to run each session at each facility.

Board Positions:  Positions on the RBA board open up periodically.  Some positions are more administrative in nature, while others are more program related.   Being on the board means attending a meeting once a month, as well as heading up a specific area.   The RBA Contacts page of this website gives an idea of the scope of responsibility for a board position. We are currently looking to fill some spots, so if you have an interest please contact Andy Schaefer, or any other board member that you know and we'll see if we have a fit for you.

Administrative Support Volunteers:  Particularly during the fall (pre-season) and winter (in-season), we can use help with administration in such areas as data entry, registration administration, etc.  Most of this work can be done from your home.  If you are willing to help out in these areas, we would certainly appreciate it.

Travel Tournament:  The 7th grade travel teams run the annual RBA tournament.  These parents are always looking for assistance on many of the committees.

To volunteer, call 894-1523 or e mail us at