To provide a quality basketball experience for the players; one that stresses mechanics, good sportsmanship and love of the game.

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The RBA High School Program

One of the more unique RBA programs are our three High School League's - 1) Fall Ball, which is open to boys and girls, 2) Winter boys program, and 3) the aptly named WRBA, the winter girls program. At this level, players are less interested in instruction and being managed by adults than they are in the recreational, fun and competitive aspect of playing basketball with their friends. Enrollment has grown to over 300 players in the last few years, and provides for an exceptionally positive and social experience for town teenagers, especially during the dreary winter days.

In this group, the RBA recruits seniors, juniors and sophomores to be the captains/coaches. Those interested only need to check the "Coach" box when registering. On the boys side, the captains then choose the players for the teams in a formalized draft, including post draft trades. The girls have used a number of different formats over the years based on the number of players, and decide for themselves which format to use before the season begins.

Games are tentatively set to begin in December for the boys, and January for the girls.  There are no practices, just games, with referees provided.

After the regular season ends, a playoff series begins for all teams, with the two best teams meeting for one last game to crown the High School Champions.

All-Star games are frequently played at the end of the season.

Adult supervision is required at every game.

Objectives of the Program



· To provide a venue for high school aged players to have fun and to play in a competitive and sportsmanlike manner

· To provide an opportunity for leadership development within the teenage community

· To develop and maintain the players respect for authority



Captain’s Key Responsibilities



Management/Coaching duties:

· Draft team – Then notify all players and make sure they have schedules.

· Ensure all players play at least two quarters – also, all players must have played three quarters before any player begins playing a fourth quarter.

· If 6 players show up, the opposing team captain picks the two players who will play 4 quarters.

· Design and/or implement strategies and plays to put your team in the best position to be competitive.

· If you can’t get enough players to play a game, find a player of equal skills and if the opposing team’s captain agrees, that person can substitute as long as they are already on another RBA team. This will help to minimize forfeits.




Competitiveness and Sportsmanship:

· How to handle heated situations: During the heat of battle, tempers can sometimes get the better of us. Please explain to your players that fights are an unacceptable way to vent your temper. It is the role of the captain to provide the first line of enforcement. If a fight does break out, try to break it up immediately. If a player is ejected or is involved in a fighting incident relating to a game & is still on RHS premises, he or she will be subject to a one game forfeit. A player involved in a second incident is subject to being thrown out of the league. It is critical that as a captain, you lead by example. NEVER allow yourself to get into a fight!






Respect for Authority:

· Foul Language: It is understandable that an occasional expletive may be yelled out during a game. However, repeated cursing is not necessary and is cause for a technical foul. A second technical is cause to be thrown out of a game. Cursing directly at another player or referee is not necessary, either. A technical will be called in this case and the player will be thrown out of a game on the second occurrence.







RBA HS Program Conduct Policy     

Any individual proved under the influence of controlled substances is dismissed from the RBA program. “Individuals” includes spectators. Individuals removed from the program may not attend RBA activities. This includes attendance as a spectator. 

Mandatory two referees will be present at each game to help assure each game runs smoothly and safely. At the discretion of the referee present, after consultation with team captains, a game may begin with one referee.

If an adult supervisor is not present, the game will be postponed until a parent supervisor arrives. No game will begin until an adult supervisor is in attendance.  An “adult supervisor” is contemplated to mean a parent or legal guardian. The fitness of a non-parent/guardian “adult supervisor” is within the sound discretion of the referees. Referees will wait a maximum of ten minutes will be given after the scheduled start time for the arrival of adult supervisors. In the absence of an adult supervisor, the game will be cancelled.

Individuals accused of violations of RBA policies will have an opportunity to be heard with respect to any disciplinary decisions that affect their participation in the program. The RBA will make every reasonable effort to ensure that such hearings will occur promptly. Notwithstanding the right to be heard, the RBA in its sole discretion may suspend any individual pending that opportunity to be heard. The standard of proof required for action is in the sole discretion of the RBA. In this regard, the statement of a single witness, if believed, is sufficient to impose discipline.

Bad behavior in a game, which includes but is not limited to excessive profanity, endangering the safety of others and threatening an official, other player or spectator will result in a one game suspension of the individual or team player and a referral to a subcommittee of the RBA board for further action as deemed appropriate. 


RBA HS Program Parent Supervision Policy, Guidelines and Responsibilities     

Prior to the game, introduce yourself to the referees and inform them as to where you intend to sit during the game.

Take note of the official RBA contact list in the scorebook.

Referees control the conduct of games. Do your best to ignore the occasional bad language or horseplay. If you believe the game is getting out of hand, please consult with the referees during a stoppage in play.

Please avoid any confrontations with participants. Let the officials and RBA representatives handle any issues.

If you believe any individual is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the RBA Substance Abuse Policy attached to this document must be followed.


RBA Substance Abuse Policy

The RBA is committed to a drug free environment and alcohol free environment in all activities involving persons under the legal drinking age. No person in attendance at an RBA activity shall posses or consume alcoholic beverages when that activity involves minors. Furthermore, it is the policy of the RBA that no individual shall participate in or attend any RBA activity if the person is under the influence of either drugs or alcohol.

Individuals who appear to be intoxicated while in attendance at any RBA activity will be removed from that activity. Any such individual so removed will be escorted from the event by an adult and will be safeguarded to insure his or her safety and the safety of others. In no event will such an individual be permitted to operate a motor vehicle. The RBA will contact parents or other responsible persons to ensure the safety of an intoxicated person. In the event no parent or responsible person can be located, the police will be notified for the sole purpose of ensuring the safety of the individual concerned.

Individuals who violate this policy will be subject to such discipline as the RBA, in its sole discretion, may determine.