To provide a quality basketball experience for the players; one that stresses mechanics, good sportsmanship and love of the game.

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         Travel Team Purpose, Selection, and Guidelines


A.  Purpose

The purpose of the travel program is to provide more advanced, intense, and sophisticated instruction in a competitive environment for the more talented players.  The mission of the travel program is to instruct players in order to build their appreciation for the game. 

B.   Selection

            These criteria should be followed in the selection of the travel team:

1.   Current skill level

2.   Athletic ability and potential

3.   Commitment and coach-ability

4.   Team composition

RBA recognizes the difficulty in selecting players for the travel program.  The goal is to select players who, together, will comprise the most competitive team while at the same time attempting to select those players with the most potential to develop into top basketball players. 

1.Each team will carry twelve (12) players

2.Coaches are permitted to dress only ten (10) players, but it is not required.  Coaches will ensure that game byes are evenly distributed across the roster during the course of the season, and announced as early as possible.  However,  adjustments can be made during the season based on level of competition, injuries or absences

3.Under special circumstance, with the permission of the travel director, a team can carry as few as ten (10) players

4.All players will dress for every tournament game

5.Tryouts will be held no later than October

6.Only residents of Ridgefield can participate. Under special circumstances, and in compliance with FCBL directives, the Board can allow non resident participation.

7.Independent evaluators will be present at all tryouts to help the coach make his/her decisions.  Performance at the tryouts should take precedence over previous performance.  Best efforts must be made to choose a team based solely on the above stated criteria. 

8.Final decisions will be made by the coach.

9.When the season ends, the team is disbanded.  Any off season basketball program in which the coach participates is not part of the RBA basketball program unless specifically designated.

10.Travel players are ineligible to participate in House programs.


C. Coach Selection and Coach’s Responsibility

1.Coaches are chosen for one season at a time and must reapply if they wish to continue coaching. 

2.Coaches will not choose their assistants until after the team is picked. The RBA Board may choose to select co-coaches, or an assistant, before the team is selected, at the recommendation of the Travel Coaches selection committee.

3.RBA prefers to use parent coaches whenever practical.

4.Travel coaches report to the Travel Director.


Travel coaching should be regarded as a teaching position.  Heavy emphasis should be placed on practice over games.  Basketball fundamentals are the foundation of the travel program.  Sensitivity to the player’s individual needs, skill level, insecurities, and stage of development is a major part of the coach’s job.  

The philosophy regarding winning is this: each player should learn about the mental and physical preparation, attitude and focus that go into trying to win.  It is important to try to win, but winning is less important than developing an appreciation of the game and an understanding of the discipline and effort that are necessary to excel. 

The expectations are these:

1.  to teach the fundamentals of the game to all the players on the team. 

a.      teach individual skills

b.      teach team work

c.       teach the mental aspects of sport

d.      teach sportsmanship and discipline

2. to administer the program

a.      set up a game schedule

b.      join the league(s) sanctioned by RBA and abide by their rules

c.       schedule non-league competition

d.      for grades 6, 7, & 8, schedule at least two tournaments – and up to four - (not including the RBA tournament) and try to schedule one overnight tournament. For grade 5, schedule one local tournament

e.       arrange a practice plan

f.       communicate with the parents

g.      conduct fair and open tryouts and select the team

Coaches are expected to place a heavy emphasis on practice; to arrive on time with a practice plan that addresses the skill needs of the players at each stage of their development.  Coaches are encouraged to seek out clinics that will improve their knowledge; to seek the help and advice of their colleagues and to share their knowledge and experience with each other. 


D.  Playing Time:

Travel basketball games are a family event.  Coaches should keep that in mind when making their substitution decisions.   The spirit of the rule is to err on the side of more even distribution of playing time. 

1.Every player will play in both halves of every game. 

2.In all league and non league games the minimum playing time is six (6) minutes per game in 7th and 8th grade; eight (8) minutes per game in 6th grade, and twelve (12) minutes per game in 5th grade.  The coaches will retain the flexibility to substitute as they see fit. The 5th grade coaches are strongly encouraged to consider the 5 in, 5 out philosophy for at least three quarters of the game.

3.Players should average twelve (12) minutes a game (counting only games they dress for), excluding tournaments, over the course of the season.  It is recommended that a parent be assigned to keep an accurate record of the minutes played.

4.In all tournaments or shorter game time contests, the minimum playing time is four (4) minutes a game in 7th and 8th grade, six (6) minutes in 6th grade, ten (10) minutes a game in 5th grade.

5.Coaches are asked to remember that minimums are not maximums.

6.If a coach violates the letter or the spirit of the playing time rules, the coach may be suspended by the travel director with the consultation of the appropriate RBA Board members. 

7.No player should consistently play near the minimum minutes unless he/she has been a disciplinary problem.


E. Schedule

Coaches should make every effort to fill up all their home game slots and to schedule away games every weekend.  Thirty Five games is a reasonable goal for grades 6, 7, & 8. 


1. Each 6, 7, & 8th grade team will play at least 25 non tournament games. The 5th grade teams are limited to 25 games per year, (including tournaments and playoffs).

2. Each team, with the exception of the 5th grade, should participate in at least two tournaments (and up to 4) not including the Ridgefield tournament or respective league playoffs.  Coaches are encouraged to schedule at least one tournament that requires an overnight stay.  The 5th grade teams may play one (1) local tournament and their respective leagues playoffs.

3. Each team is encouraged to schedule games against the most competitive teams in the area whether they are in the FCBL or not. 


F. RBA Tournament

The RBA tournament provides top level competition and serves as a showcase for RBA and Ridgefield.  Revenues from the tournament provide essential support the travel program.  Each coach and all parents should devote their best efforts to the organization and administration of the tournament. 

1.Each team is responsible for hosting its division in the RBA tournament; seven guest teams must be recruited.

2.Each team is responsible for program ads and fundraising as assigned by the tournament director.

3.Each team will assign parents to tournament volunteer positions

4.7th Grade teams will be responsible for organizing the tournament as directed and supervised by the Tournament director.