To provide a quality basketball experience for the players; one that stresses mechanics, good sportsmanship and love of the game.

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Facilities Regulations

for RBA use of Public and Private Facilities

Change into "clean" sneakers:

  • Players should always bring sneakers to be worn on the court, regardless of the weather outside. Please do not wear your "game" shoes to the gym. (NOTE: It is neither necessary nor expected that new shoes be purchased for RBA play. Playground sneakers are fine as long as they come to the gym clean of dirt on the bottom!)
  • Players should change into their "game" shoes in the indoor areas OFF the courts, prior to stepping onto the gym floor. This policy applies to both games and practices.
  • Players should make sure that "game" shoes are clean before leaving home. Items 1&2 above are obviously meaningless if players bring dirty shoes to the gym.

Do Not Use the Court/Common Area:

  • Spectators (including players waiting for the next game): Do not play on the court at any time before or during the game (including half time and time-outs). Spectators bring dirt onto the floor, and disrupt the player preparation, as well as an already tight schedule. Players should leave the court immediately after their game. Do not go onto the court to shoot around after your game.
  • Players & Spectators: DO NOT bounce, throw, drop, spin on your finger, or otherwise handle a basketball in the hallways, common areas, or anywhere beyond the gym floor.
  • Spectators and players waiting for a game to finish: Do not bounce balls on the sidelines. Bouncing the balls on the sidelines makes the refs and coaches jobs more difficult.
  • TO ALL ATTENDING A GAME OR PRACTICE- Do not play in the hallways or common areas. These areas are for changing shoes, using the bathrooms, and waiting for the previous game or practice to finish. Parents should accompany your children in the hallways and to the bathrooms. Proper behavior in the hallways and common areas needs to be strictly enforced in order to avoid damage to the building, bulletin boards and displays, and equipment.


  • If you are dropping your child off, do not leave until your child is in the gym and you are sure that another adult is present to supervise. If the facility has put up barriers to prevent players and spectators from entering a specific area, please respect those barriers. Parents, please watch that your children do not leave the designated areas.
  • Help out by providing gentle reminders to those you observe breaking the rules.